Author: Tom Kitchen

Preventing Food Waste and Preserving Food

There are starving people all around the world but most of the time, we don’t give that a second thought as we eat 3 or more meals a day and toss out uneaten or unwanted food without even thinking about it.  Food waste is a terrible habit that most of this country is guilty of […]

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Top 5 best kitchen & cooking gadgets in 2013 as reviewed by Top Kitchen Gadgets

  Top 5 best kitchen gadgets in 2013   1)      Super Slicer Plus This innovative device is designed strategically to give you the most precise cut possible, slicing through your favourite foods with effortlessness and ease. This is the perfect addition to any kitchen set, and it can serve as the perfect tool for professional […]

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Winter Warmer Soup

Winter Warmer Soup

The changing of the seasons means it’s time to put away the grill and start cooking up some healthy, hearty recipes for fall and winter. One of the easiest kinds of dishes to prepare in a pinch is a soup packed with fresh vegetables and no fillers or junk. With all of the right tools […]