• Garlic Peeler £4.99

    Skin garlic quickly with this peeler, leaving your hands free of garlic odour. Place the garlic segment into the peeler and roll flat on worktop to skin segments.

  • Garlic Press Twist Crusher £8.95

    The Garlic Twist might look fancy but it’s really simple to use, just pop in the cloves and with a couple of twists, you’re done! The cross-cutting teeth on this garlic crusher will mince your garlic to perfection, whether it’s coarse or fine you need, this is one kitchen essential that delivers. The finer you want your garlic, the more you twist!

  • Garlic Twist Crusher, Silicone Peeler, Stainless Steel Soap Bundle £12.99

    Garlic Crusher, Peeler Tube & Stainless Steel Soap make up this amazing deal.

    This special bundle is hand picked by the team at Top Kitchen Gadgets to offer a bundle that gives maximum time saving in the kitchen and is ideal for any keen cook.

  • Knife Sharpener Pro £9.99

    This nifty little knife sharpener gets almost any blunt knife sharp again in seconds, extending it's useful life, and making cutting easier and safer. Gone are the days of taking ages to sharpen a blade with a traditional steel, just stick the sharpener to a surface using the pull down suction cup and away you go. Slide the blade through the 'V' shaped steel and watch it sharpen with just one swipe!

    Out of stock

  • Magic Bullet Blender – 21 Piece Set £99.95
    • Shortens cooking time to minimum.
    • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
    • Easy to use and simple set-up.
    • Saves valuable kitchen space.
    • Versatile multi-purpose appliance.
    • Saves washing up of lots of utensils.

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  • -18%LimitedSold Out
    Stainless Steel Pineapple Cutter, Slicer and Corer £8.95
    • Pineapple peeler, corer and slicer (3 in 1)
    • Makes perfect pineapple rings in seconds
    • Shell is left in tact for reuse as a desert or drinks bowl
    • Juice is retained meaning for once in the kitchen, NO MESS!
    • Simple and easy for anyone to use Keep away from children

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  • Super Slicer Plus £19.95

    The revolutionary cutting device that will save you time with your cooking. We use this device all the time with our catering company and it's a great gadget for saving you time in the kitchen. Makes light work of vegetables and fruit with many different inserts which saves a lot of time. The big winner for this gadget is that it is easy to clean also and saves the use of lots of other kitchen equipment in the process. We really can't recommend it enough and have sold over 2000 of these already.

    16 in stock

  • Wraptastic Wrap Dispenser & Cutter £14.99

    Wraptastic Wrap food in a flash. Just pull, press and wrap! Insert the roll with the spring loaded caps. Concealed blade safely and easily cuts cling film (plastic wrap), aluminium foil and wax paper. Non slip rubber feet grips surfaces and Wraptastic never bunches, sticks or rips apart.

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