Alan Silverwood

Alan Silverwood is a UK manufacturer of fine quality bakeware and cake tins. It’s popular products include its Silverwood multisize cake tin, Silverwood battenberg cake tin & it’s Silverwood multi round cake tin range along with many more.

It’s bakeware benefits from being anti rust and incorporate heat spread technology encouraging a faster and more even bake.

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  • Alan Silverwood 16 Piece 2″ Inch Multi Mini Square Cake Pan

  • Alan Silverwood 2″ /2.5″ /3″ Inch Round Multi Mini Set 16 Piece

  • Alan Silverwood 4″ / 3″ Inch Pork Pie Mould

  • Alan Silverwood 6” Inch 4lb Spherical Ball Steamed Pudding Mould Baking Tin

  • Alan Silverwood 7″ Solid Based Cake Tin

  • Alan Silverwood 8″ Inch Victoria Surprise Sandwich Baking Tin Set

  • Alan Silverwood 8” Inch x 6″ Inch Battenberg / Battenburg Baking Tin Pan

  • Alan Silverwood Complete Baking Liner Set for Delia Online

  • Alan Silverwood Multisize 12” Inch Baking Tin Cake Pan + Dividers

  • Alan Silverwood Set of 2 Sponge Tin Liners 20cm

  • Alan Silverwood Set of 4 Baby Savarin Rum Baba Moulds


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