• Alan Silverwood 16 Piece 2″ Inch Multi Mini Square Cake Pan £31.99

    These little cakes are perfect for weddings and parties, creating individual style to each cake to make your event that little bit more special. Perfect same size cakes every time, no need to trim and waste good cake! These work amazingly well for tiered wedding cakes, creating quite a unique look.

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  • Alan Silverwood 6” Inch 4lb Spherical Ball Steamed Pudding Mould Baking Tin £25.95

    Another great innovation from Alan Silverwood Ltd this cake tin enables you to create great shaped spherical cakes without the faff of shaving off bits around the edges.

    Great for novelty birthday cakes, football cake, spider cake, cinderella cake, golf ball cake, tennis ball cake and loads more there are so many possibilities! Also great for the traditional steamed fruit Christmas pudding.

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  • Alan Silverwood 7″ Solid Based Cake Tin £9.95

    Anodised aluminium alloy is an extremely efficient heat conductor, resulting in even heat distribution during baking and reduced cooking times. During processing the molecules of aluminium in the surface layer change their structure to form an “anodic oxide film”, hence the name “anodised aluminium”. This change is permanent. The surface can never blister or peel – even under the most adverse conditions. Anodised aluminium will never rust. Anodising effectively seals-in the aluminium, in much the same way as a non-stick coating does and gives bakeware easy-release, easy-clean properties. The silver anodised surface is characterised by a silver, smooth, easy-release, easy clean finish and the aluminium core is effectively “sealed in” thus making it excellent for most baking purposes.

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  • Alan Silverwood 8″ Inch Victoria Surprise Sandwich Baking Tin Set £19.99

    What a surprise this ingenious cake tin packs, another classic from Alan Silverwood L td that enables the cook to create a hidden well in the middle that can be filled with a surprise filling.

    When baking with the raised bases the cakes are finished with the well baked in allowing a surprise filling to be put in the well, the cake completed and no one being any more the wiser until they bite into it to uncover a baking delight!

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  • Alan Silverwood 8” Inch x 6″ Inch Battenberg / Battenburg Baking Tin Pan £16.95

    Another great innovation from Alan Silverwood Ltd this baking tin allows you to bake 4 identical sized lengths of cake that can form a lovely tasty battenberg cake that Mr Kipling would be more than proud of!

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  • Alan Silverwood Complete Baking Liner Set for Delia Online £29.99

    Superior non-stick reusable liners – smoother, stronger and thicker. 100% PTFE coating. Easy to clean and can be used 100’s of times over. Perfect for all of Delia’s bakeware

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  • Alan Silverwood Set of 2 Sponge Tin Liners 20cm £8.99

    Pre-cut tin liner. Line cake tins in seconds, no need to grease cake tins, reusable 100's of times. Ideal for Delia Smith's 8 Inch sponge tin.

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  • Baby Bullet Food System £79.99

    The Original Baby Bullet has all the power and convenience of the Original Magic Bullet, but now you don’t have to make baby’s food where you make your margaritas and salsa. This amazing 20-piece preparation and storage kit contains all the equipment you need to make and store fresh, healthy, delicious foods that are great for every stage of development.

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  • Barbecue Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack £11.95


    The easiest, tastiest and fastest way to barbecue a chicken!

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  • Beach ville red £59.00

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  • Beer Bird | Beer Can Chicken Barbecue Roaster £14.95
    • Shorten cooking time due to steaming from inside and roasting from outside
    • Easy to clean
    • No experience needed
    • Doesn’t need attention while cooking
    • Suitable for Charcoal BBQs, Gas Grills and Ovens

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  • Beer Chill Sticks (Pack of 2) £10.95

    Do you want to keep your beer colder for longer? Are you ready to stop worrying about your drink getting warm under the sun before you get a chance to finish it?

    We have found your solution: TopBrewing™ Portable Chiller Sticks provide a longer lasting cold beer simply by being placed into your bottle!

    The chillers fit most standard long neck beer bottles as well as some wines, they’re durable, eco-friendly and reusable.

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  • Better Beater Push Rotation Whisk – Set of 2 £9.95

    The Beater Beater is particularly easy to use & does 10 times the work of ordinary whisks. Better Beater, as seen on TV, mixes, froths, whisks, beats, whips and emulsifies faster, easier, better than ordinary push whisks. This whisk is similar to the brands of whizzy whisk and also pogo whisk.

    Pushing the handle down rotates the whisk.  By the same moderate upward and downward movements on the handle you can mix like a pro, and all without the use of batteries,  Use a suitable glass or plastic bowl for mixing. Save time, energy and clean up as dishwasher safe.

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  • Featured-10%Limited
    Black T-shirt short sleeves £19.00

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  • -33%Limited
    Chop Up £9.95

    ‘Chop Up’ is the handy kitchen helper that helps you chop and dice easily.

    Just place the cup with the blades over your vegetables and fruits and voila, in just a few seconds, you have your perfectly sliced or diced veggies and fruits.

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