Bake like a pro! Alan Silverwood Cake Tin Review.

Alan Silverwood Multisize Cake Tin Review


Top Kitchen Gadgets presents Alan Silverwood Multisize Square Cake Tin

Top Kitchen Gadgets presents Alan Silverwood Multisize Square Cake Tin

This cake pan has earned its popularity due to its versatility and practical nature. To begin with, is the number of sizes it offers when it comes to baking cakes? There are as many as seventy nine varieties of shapes in square and rectangular patterns that can be baked with this single cake pan. The ease with which the cakes, once baked can be removed is the second reason behind its raging popularity among homemakers.

While surveying square cake pans BBC Good Food has ranked it as the “best buy” in the category. This is not only because of its shape and size feature but also due to its practical feature of storage ability which makes it fit into small sized kitchen drawers.

This pan has an improved design feature recently launched into the market, it’s stronger more durable and even ranks higher with respect to its versatility. This improvised variety feature has locking hooks which improves stability. The full four inches depth make it a perfect choice for baking large and voluminous wedding cakes.


Lots of different size options available.

Lots of different size options available.

Since the original version has been sold it has had remarkable sales, this new and improved version is expected to surpass the original design. Household cooks and bakers have confirmed the fact that this Alan Silverwood Multisize cake pan has made their lives so much easier. Earlier, they had to purchase different sized cake pans to bake several multiple cakes in varying sizes. Now with the Alan Silverwood Multisize cake pan, other brands will need to return to the drawing board to achieve their sales target as most household shoppers, once realizing the worth of this unique cake pan, with superior features, included the amazing multisize baking capacity pan, have changed their loyalty and have to this new Alan Silverwood Multisize cake pan .

Some of the other features which make this cake pan stand on a higher level than other brands is that the material used keeps the threat of rust at bay. The material is also an efficient conductor of heat. The surface is resistant to scratches, making this a long lasting pan. You can keep the pan in the oven (while baking) and in the fridge or freezer while storing. This feature is rarely seen in other baking cake pans. The ability to alter from extreme heats to extreme colds highlights the incredible durability people continuously find in this bakeware.

This is available to purchase along with lots of other Alan Silverwood bakeware in our bakeware section.


Top Kitchen Gadgets presents Alan Silverwood Bakeware

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