Preventing Food Waste and Preserving Food

There are starving people all around the world but most of the time, we don’t give that a second thought as we eat 3 or more meals a day and toss out uneaten or unwanted food without even thinking about it.  Food waste is a terrible habit that most of this country is guilty of when we should really be more conscious of what goes in our trash and how much food we waste each and every day.  The first thing that we can do to help this situation is watch what we purchase at the supermarket during a normal grocery shopping trip.  By buying exact amounts or even less fresh fruits and vegetables than needed, none of it will go wasted and have to be thrown out during preparation or cooking time.

Across the UK, 15 million tons of food is wasted and thrown away each year.  Bread slices, potatoes and apples are the items that are thrown away the most from households of the United Kingdom; salads are the other main food item that goes to waste in huge proportions.  Most of the time, these items that are being thrown out and wasted, were untouched and not even eaten before being trashed.  The smaller portions you purchase, the better your odds are for eating every last piece of food you take home with you.  It might be hard to judge how much fresh fruits and vegetables you need for a meal but by eating leftovers from that meal, you are still able to use all of the food you purchased.

Top tips to preserve food especially fruit & vegetables.

There are plenty of ways to prevent food waste and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy.

1) Home grown food.

By growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden you can pick them only when necessary for cooking a meal.  This saves money and saves you from having to use the food right away after purchasing.

2) Canning items

Can during the winter will ensure fresh foods for you once you decide to eat your fruits and vegetables.

3) Dehydration

This is a great way to preserve fruits and vegetables and keep them healthy for eating as well.

4) Freezing

Perhaps the most widely used and for good reasons, this will help you store them away and also know that they will be ready to thaw out whenever you need them to.

5) Making Jam

Fresh or older it can be a great way to utilize the food and not have to throw it out once it goes bad.

6) Cling Film & Refrigerate

Made too much for dinner? Don’t throw it away! Wrap it up in cling film (quick and easy with the wraptastic) and put in the refrigerator for tomorrows lunch.

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