How to stop crying! Top Onion Cutting Tips.


We all love the flavour that onions give to our cooking but we all hate the pain and tears that go along with it – dilema!

The reason for this pain & crying is because when the basal plate or shoot is cut an enzyme is released.  It reacts with the rest of the onion resulting to the release of a gas. The gas combines with water to create an acid. If the water and acid react in your eye you will cry. It is your body’s response to the irritation. The copious tear flow is meant to try and wash the irritant away.

Fortunately, this situation can be prevented. This article will cover onion cutting tips that will keep you tear-free. They are simple and easy to follow.

1) Use a sharp knife.

You should use a very sharp knife to cut an onion. The process of breaking and crushing onions leads to the release of many enzymes. Using a sharp knife will ensure that you will slice through it instead of crushing it. Fewer enzymes will in turn be released. One of the gadgets that you should have in your kitchen is a knife sharpener. A blunt knife can be sharpened in seconds using it hence making cutting faster and easier.

2) Chill your onions.

Chilling onions before cutting them has been proven to reduce the amount of enzymes that will be released in the air. You only have to do it for 10 to 15 minutes before you cut them. It is a simple process that is extremely effective in reducing the irritation.

3) Absorb gas with water.

Strategies related to absorbing the gas in water work. Cutting an onion under water helps to prevent crying. You can also employ other methods such as breathing through your mouth or sticking your tongue out. Breathing through your mouth ensures that the gas is drawn over your wet tongue.

4) Useful gadgets.

Other kitchen products that you should have in your kitchen are a nicer dicer plus and the stainless steel soap. The nicer dicer plus is a revolutionary multi cutting device that makes quick and easy work of cutting onions – cutting up to 10 in a minute so no time for crying!  The stainless steel soap neutralizes and removes bad odors from cooking ingredients such as onions & fish. It will get rid of the smell of the onions on your hands after cutting them when used with normal soap detergent in the process of washing hands.

The onion cutting tips highlighted above help to prevent crying. You should use the one that works best for you when slicing them. These tips and using the kitchen gadgets are highly recommended when dealing with onions.

For more hints and tips please check out our other blog posts and do please comment below.

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  1. Dave Williams

    Tried cutting onions under water and almost drowned!

  2. admin

    Thanks for your comment Dave, made us laugh in the office! Just onions are required under the water.

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