Winter Warmer Soup

The changing of the seasons means it’s time to put away the grill and start cooking up some healthy, hearty recipes for fall and winter. One of the easiest kinds of dishes to prepare in a pinch is a soup packed with fresh vegetables and no fillers or junk. With all of the right tools at your disposal, whipping up this fast and tasty soup as a main or side is the easier than you could believe!

This broccoli soup recipe is based on one made by Chef Gordon Ramsay to demonstrate the power of just a few fresh, healthy ingredients. We’re not all internationally renowned chefs, but cooking a dish like this at home is easy with the Magic Bullet Blender and the Super Slicer Plus doing lots of the hard work for you, making it fast and easy!


Simple Broccoli Soup for Two

Gordon Ramsey Broccoli Soup Recipe

Gordon Ramsey Broccoli Soup Recipe


  • 3 large or 4-5 medium broccoli clusters (as fresh as possible)
  • Diced white or yellow onion (1/4 cup)
  • Minced garlic (1 small clove, or more to taste)
  • Salt (2 tsp.)
  • Ground Black Pepper (4-5 turns on the grind wheel)
  • Water
  • Olive Oil


1) Break the broccoli into several chunks to help it cook evenly. Use the Super Slicer Plus to easily small dice the onion and grate or mince the garlic.

2) Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Add a large pinch of salt. Add broccoli, onion, and garlic, and boil rapidly. Your broccoli is finished cooking when you can pierce it with little or no effort.

3) Remove the stock pan from the stove burner. DO NOT pour the water out! Use a slotted spoon to add broccoli to the Magic Bullet Blender but be careful because it’s boiling hot! Pour just a little of the water from the pot to help the broccoli blend. Use several pulses on your blender to break the broccoli up and then puree for several seconds.

4) Pour soup into shallow bowl. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and serve at once! Delicious!


With the right tools in your kitchen, it’s easy to make this quick, healthy soup recipe for lunch or dinner. This healthful, fresh broccoli soup is a snap and made with only seven simple ingredients. Eating clean doesn’t have to be bland or difficult with the Magic Bullet Blender and the Super Slicer Plus to make all of the prep work of fresh fruits and vegetables a real breeze.

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