Bake like a pro! Alan Silverwood Cake Tin Review.

Bake like a pro! Alan Silverwood Cake Tin Review.

Alan Silverwood Multisize Cake Tin Review


Top Kitchen Gadgets presents Alan Silverwood Multisize Square Cake Tin

Top Kitchen Gadgets presents Alan Silverwood Multisize Square Cake Tin

This cake pan has earned its popularity due to its versatility and practical nature. To begin with, is the number of sizes it offers when it comes to baking cakes? There are as many as seventy nine varieties of shapes in square and rectangular patterns that can be baked with this single cake pan. The ease with which the cakes, once baked can be removed is the second reason behind its raging popularity among homemakers.

While surveying square cake pans BBC Good Food has ranked it as the “best buy” in the category. This is not only because of its shape and size feature but also due to its practical feature of storage ability which makes it fit into small sized kitchen drawers.

This pan has an improved design feature recently launched into the market, it’s stronger more durable and even ranks higher with respect to its versatility. This improvised variety feature has locking hooks which improves stability. The full four inches depth make it a perfect choice for baking large and voluminous wedding cakes.


Lots of different size options available.

Lots of different size options available.

Since the original version has been sold it has had remarkable sales, this new and improved version is expected to surpass the original design. Household cooks and bakers have confirmed the fact that this Alan Silverwood Multisize cake pan has made their lives so much easier. Earlier, they had to purchase different sized cake pans to bake several multiple cakes in varying sizes. Now with the Alan Silverwood Multisize cake pan, other brands will need to return to the drawing board to achieve their sales target as most household shoppers, once realizing the worth of this unique cake pan, with superior features, included the amazing multisize baking capacity pan, have changed their loyalty and have to this new Alan Silverwood Multisize cake pan .

Some of the other features which make this cake pan stand on a higher level than other brands is that the material used keeps the threat of rust at bay. The material is also an efficient conductor of heat. The surface is resistant to scratches, making this a long lasting pan. You can keep the pan in the oven (while baking) and in the fridge or freezer while storing. This feature is rarely seen in other baking cake pans. The ability to alter from extreme heats to extreme colds highlights the incredible durability people continuously find in this bakeware.

This is available to purchase along with lots of other Alan Silverwood bakeware in our bakeware section.


Top Kitchen Gadgets presents Alan Silverwood Bakeware

Preventing Food Waste and Preserving Food

There are starving people all around the world but most of the time, we don’t give that a second thought as we eat 3 or more meals a day and toss out uneaten or unwanted food without even thinking about it.  Food waste is a terrible habit that most of this country is guilty of when we should really be more conscious of what goes in our trash and how much food we waste each and every day.  The first thing that we can do to help this situation is watch what we purchase at the supermarket during a normal grocery shopping trip.  By buying exact amounts or even less fresh fruits and vegetables than needed, none of it will go wasted and have to be thrown out during preparation or cooking time.

Across the UK, 15 million tons of food is wasted and thrown away each year.  Bread slices, potatoes and apples are the items that are thrown away the most from households of the United Kingdom; salads are the other main food item that goes to waste in huge proportions.  Most of the time, these items that are being thrown out and wasted, were untouched and not even eaten before being trashed.  The smaller portions you purchase, the better your odds are for eating every last piece of food you take home with you.  It might be hard to judge how much fresh fruits and vegetables you need for a meal but by eating leftovers from that meal, you are still able to use all of the food you purchased.

Top tips to preserve food especially fruit & vegetables.

There are plenty of ways to prevent food waste and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy.

1) Home grown food.

By growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden you can pick them only when necessary for cooking a meal.  This saves money and saves you from having to use the food right away after purchasing.

2) Canning items

Can during the winter will ensure fresh foods for you once you decide to eat your fruits and vegetables.

3) Dehydration

This is a great way to preserve fruits and vegetables and keep them healthy for eating as well.

4) Freezing

Perhaps the most widely used and for good reasons, this will help you store them away and also know that they will be ready to thaw out whenever you need them to.

5) Making Jam

Fresh or older it can be a great way to utilize the food and not have to throw it out once it goes bad.

6) Cling Film & Refrigerate

Made too much for dinner? Don’t throw it away! Wrap it up in cling film (quick and easy with the wraptastic) and put in the refrigerator for tomorrows lunch.

Top 5 best kitchen & cooking gadgets in 2013 as reviewed by Top Kitchen Gadgets


Top 5 best kitchen gadgets in 2013


1)      Super Slicer Plus

This innovative device is designed strategically to give you the most precise cut possible, slicing through your favourite foods with effortlessness and ease. This is the perfect addition to any kitchen set, and it can serve as the perfect tool for professional chefs and caterers. This saves you the burdensome task of meticulously dicing vegetables and other food products. Furthermore, this product is pragmatic, user-friendly, and facilitates the cleaning process with its sleek, advanced design. If you are seeking the epitome of a top kitchen gadget, this is it! It has proven to be a noteworthy addition to every one of its buyers’ kitchens.

2)      Barbecue Beer Can Chicken

Imagine sinking your teeth into a delectably marinated chicken, gently seasoned by the fermented goodness of beer? If this sounds appetizing to you, you should consider trying the barbecue beer can chicken gadget. This device is designed to prepare your chicken with optimal flavour. Its innovative design and unmatched originality is sure to captivate the attention of houseguests. There are numerous advantages to utilizing this ingeniously engineered device. For example, you can significantly reduce the cooking time, clean it effortlessly, and leave it unattended while it is preparing your chicken. This gadget functions seamlessly with barbecues, grills and ovens.

3)      Magic Bullet

The magic bullet blender is designed to slice, dice and chop up your favourite produce, food products, and vegetables. Its sleek portable design allows it to conserve space in your kitchen. This device effectively blends and purees a variety of cheeses and other food products. Create your very own, customized smoothies and much more!

4)      Better Beater

Why waste your time whisking away, when the Better Beater can do the work for you? Whisking cake batter and other concealed mixtures can tense your muscles, proving to be very uncomfortable to you. This push action rotation whisk can leave your batter smooth and ready to cook.

5)      Knife Sharpener

Are your knife blades going dull? We hereby present to you the revolutionary knife sharpener. This device is designed for polishing and refining all of your knife blades. Dull blades can be both dangerous and difficult to use. But the innovative knife sharpener can keep all of your sharp kitchen utensils in pristine condition. It even works for serrated knifes!

Winter Warmer Soup

Winter Warmer Soup

The changing of the seasons means it’s time to put away the grill and start cooking up some healthy, hearty recipes for fall and winter. One of the easiest kinds of dishes to prepare in a pinch is a soup packed with fresh vegetables and no fillers or junk. With all of the right tools at your disposal, whipping up this fast and tasty soup as a main or side is the easier than you could believe!

This broccoli soup recipe is based on one made by Chef Gordon Ramsay to demonstrate the power of just a few fresh, healthy ingredients. We’re not all internationally renowned chefs, but cooking a dish like this at home is easy with the Magic Bullet Blender and the Super Slicer Plus doing lots of the hard work for you, making it fast and easy!


Simple Broccoli Soup for Two

Gordon Ramsey Broccoli Soup Recipe

Gordon Ramsey Broccoli Soup Recipe


  • 3 large or 4-5 medium broccoli clusters (as fresh as possible)
  • Diced white or yellow onion (1/4 cup)
  • Minced garlic (1 small clove, or more to taste)
  • Salt (2 tsp.)
  • Ground Black Pepper (4-5 turns on the grind wheel)
  • Water
  • Olive Oil


1) Break the broccoli into several chunks to help it cook evenly. Use the Super Slicer Plus to easily small dice the onion and grate or mince the garlic.

2) Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Add a large pinch of salt. Add broccoli, onion, and garlic, and boil rapidly. Your broccoli is finished cooking when you can pierce it with little or no effort.

3) Remove the stock pan from the stove burner. DO NOT pour the water out! Use a slotted spoon to add broccoli to the Magic Bullet Blender but be careful because it’s boiling hot! Pour just a little of the water from the pot to help the broccoli blend. Use several pulses on your blender to break the broccoli up and then puree for several seconds.

4) Pour soup into shallow bowl. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and serve at once! Delicious!


With the right tools in your kitchen, it’s easy to make this quick, healthy soup recipe for lunch or dinner. This healthful, fresh broccoli soup is a snap and made with only seven simple ingredients. Eating clean doesn’t have to be bland or difficult with the Magic Bullet Blender and the Super Slicer Plus to make all of the prep work of fresh fruits and vegetables a real breeze.

How to stop crying! Top Onion Cutting Tips.


We all love the flavour that onions give to our cooking but we all hate the pain and tears that go along with it – dilema!

The reason for this pain & crying is because when the basal plate or shoot is cut an enzyme is released.  It reacts with the rest of the onion resulting to the release of a gas. The gas combines with water to create an acid. If the water and acid react in your eye you will cry. It is your body’s response to the irritation. The copious tear flow is meant to try and wash the irritant away.

Fortunately, this situation can be prevented. This article will cover onion cutting tips that will keep you tear-free. They are simple and easy to follow.

1) Use a sharp knife.

You should use a very sharp knife to cut an onion. The process of breaking and crushing onions leads to the release of many enzymes. Using a sharp knife will ensure that you will slice through it instead of crushing it. Fewer enzymes will in turn be released. One of the gadgets that you should have in your kitchen is a knife sharpener. A blunt knife can be sharpened in seconds using it hence making cutting faster and easier.

2) Chill your onions.

Chilling onions before cutting them has been proven to reduce the amount of enzymes that will be released in the air. You only have to do it for 10 to 15 minutes before you cut them. It is a simple process that is extremely effective in reducing the irritation.

3) Absorb gas with water.

Strategies related to absorbing the gas in water work. Cutting an onion under water helps to prevent crying. You can also employ other methods such as breathing through your mouth or sticking your tongue out. Breathing through your mouth ensures that the gas is drawn over your wet tongue.

4) Useful gadgets.

Other kitchen products that you should have in your kitchen are a nicer dicer plus and the stainless steel soap. The nicer dicer plus is a revolutionary multi cutting device that makes quick and easy work of cutting onions – cutting up to 10 in a minute so no time for crying!  The stainless steel soap neutralizes and removes bad odors from cooking ingredients such as onions & fish. It will get rid of the smell of the onions on your hands after cutting them when used with normal soap detergent in the process of washing hands.

The onion cutting tips highlighted above help to prevent crying. You should use the one that works best for you when slicing them. These tips and using the kitchen gadgets are highly recommended when dealing with onions.

For more hints and tips please check out our other blog posts and do please comment below.