Barbecue Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack



The easiest, tastiest and fastest way to barbecue a chicken!

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The easiest, tastiest and fastest way to barbecue a chicken!

This is the best way to cook chicken, for many reasons: The steaming beer (or other liquid) gently flavours the chicken, keeps it moist and tenderizes the meat. The upright position of the bird helps crisp the skin and melt out fat. And the wow power is off the chart! The sight of an upright chicken roasting on a beer can is guaranteed to make eyes pop, jaws drop and mouths water. This ingenious device makes the cooking process easy and virtually fail-proof. Square construction gives you greater stability. The bird won't tip and beer won't spill. Made from safe metal that will not react with food.

The Advantages:

  • Shorten cooking time
  • Easy to clean
  • No experience needed
  • Doesn’t need attention while cooking
  • Suitable for Charcoal BBQs, Gas Grills and Ovens

What it does:

  • Thoroughly cooks chicken on the inside as well as outside
  • Brings the flavour of your favourite drink inside the chicken

What is provided:

  • 1 Metal Beer Can Chicken Roaster


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