The ultimate …

Drinking Gadgets Accessory Pack.

Cutting edge gadgets to impress friends with, improve flavour and keep drinks chilled.


Wine aerator (RRP £10) for ultra smooth taste enhanced wine straight from the bottle!


Beer chill sticks (RRP £12) for instant chilled beer staight out the box.


Whiskey stones (RRP £10) for instant chilled whiskey without diluting with ice.


Accessory pack retails at over £30, yours for 50% off today, from a reputable UK family business. Fast delivery available.

What’s included in the Drinks Gadget Pack?

The powerhouse of drinks gadgets to enhance flavours & drinking experience.

Wine Aerator

Wine Aerator is a revolution in aerating wine, no longer do you have to wait hours for your wine to fully aerate as you can pour straight from the bottle and achieve great tasting aerated wine. Not only does the gadget impress and turn heads but the smooth taste from finely aerated wine instantly improves any wines flavour.

Double Beer Chill Sticks

Beer Chill Sticks are a quick way to chill your beer without the faff or wait. Simple take a chiller rod out of the freezer, crack open your luke warm beer and place the chiller stick in the bottle. Within minutes the ice cold stainless steel rod will have worked its magic, keep it in and drink through the rod – no hassle solution to cold beer.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones are not only classy but provide a quick way to chill your whiskey without the need for ice or hassle. Simply store in the freezer and they’re ready without the hassle of making ice. Also who wants to dilute that lovely whiskey with melting ice? Not us!

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Here’s What You Get When You Order Today


1 x Wine aerator 


2 x Beer chiller sticks


10 x Stainless steel whiskey stones (whiskey glass not inc)


30 Day moneyback guarantee, covered by distance selling regulations for returns.

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