Alan Silverwood 8″ Inch Victoria Surprise Sandwich Baking Tin Set


What a surprise this ingenious cake tin packs, another classic from Alan Silverwood L td that enables the cook to create a hidden well in the middle that can be filled with a surprise filling.

When baking with the raised bases the cakes are finished with the well baked in allowing a surprise filling to be put in the well, the cake completed and no one being any more the wiser until they bite into it to uncover a baking delight!

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Alan Silverwood 8" Inch Victoria Surprise Sandwich Tin Set

Impress your friends, family & guests with the delights baked in this Alan Silverwood Victoria Surprise Loose Based Cake Set with an extra raised base for surprise fillings.

When baking with the raised bases cakes are finished with a baked-in well. As a result the cake fillings will not squeeze out during baking and are hidden until the cake is sliced. Hence the name Victoria Sandwich Surprise.

Go crazy with the fillings, try chocolate cookies and cream, Wimbledon classic of strawberries and cream or mixed fruits. There's lots of combinations that will add a twist to your baking forever and make you the talk of the party!

Victoria Surprise Set is a winner of the 2010 Best New Product Award at the Autumn Fair and Gold award for innovation at the 2012 Housewares Industry Awards. It's got to be good!

The Advantages:
  • Great surprise to a traditional cake
  • Great long lasting Alan Silverwood quality product.
  • Easy to use and simple set-up.
  • Easy to clean and will not rust.
  • Made from anodised aluminium for even heat distribution.


What it does:
  • Creates a hidden well in your cake layer
  • Enables cakes to be baked with a well or without (base doesn't have to be used)
  • Achieves an even heat distribution when baking and efficiently absorbs heat.


What is provided:
  • 2 x Bodies
  • 2 x Bases
  • 2 x Raised Inserts

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